Binding vs Non-Binding Estimate

There is a common confusion about the difference between Binding and Non-Binding estimates. Let’s review together the difference the 2 estimates and also when and how to use a Revised Estimate.
Binding estimate

Binding both on the shipper and the carrier
Applies to weight and cubic feet based shipment
Weight-based shipments do not require weighing of the truck
Must include all […]

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Most Common Mistake About Coverage, Could Be Just 1 WORD

Words use are very powerful when speaking to the customer which could have a huge impact on the outcome of the move/ratings given by them. As a Carrier, you are liable for the value of the goods while in your possession. We all know the different levels of liability, and neither of them must never be […]

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Chargebacks? 3 steps to stay in compliance

A well-trained team will always drive a higher satisfaction rate. However, no matter how well you may train your team there will always be a dissatisfied customer that ignores the claim process and file a chargeback. It’s not uncommon for us to hear “I really tried to work things out with the customer but got a […]

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Truck Driver Training

Dear Valued Carriers,

With Valentines’ Day being tomorrow we hope that you are able to be home with your loved ones.  Valentines’ Day is not just for sweethearts, but we like to celebrate this day making it about the love of family and good friends as well; whether it be your children, parents, or even your […]

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Reputation Management

Dear Valued Carriers,
We hope everyone had a Spooky Halloween! We sure did! Now we have to get ready for all the delicious food for Thanksgivings Day. After the upcoming holidays, it will be the moving season soon after. So it is a perfect time to get into compliance and get your claims situated. That is […]

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Driving Safety Tips

Dear Valued Carriers,
We hope everyone had a happy Sukkot! Now it is time to get ready for Halloween! Here at CSI we decorated our office with spiderwebs, pumpkins and other spooky characters. Are you ready for Halloween? Be sure to also get ready for the winter! Read below on some safety driving tips for your […]

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Twitter – CSI

Dear Valued Carriers,

Now that the busy moving season is over, its time to get into compliance for the next season. CSI has created Department of Transportation approved Tariffs and Customized Shipping Documents to help you. They will most certainly keep your company in compliance and up to date with the rules and regulations. Also, don’t forget […]

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Marketing Tips

Dear Valued Carriers,
We know how busy and even stressful this moving season was, it had everyone on the go! Here at CSI, we understand that as a moving company it is important to have time for leads, dispatch and managing the office during the off season. So let CSI experts handle your claims and even […]

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