What is CSI’s Choice Award?

logo_starCSI’s Choice Award was created with both carriers and their customers in mind. Our Choice Award was created to serve two (2) purposes which will create a win-win situation for both parties. 1) The first purpose was to show our carriers our appreciation for their efforts and cooperation in assisting us with investigating claims in a timely manner; 2) the second purpose was to encourage carriers to provide an excellent service to their customers even post move through the claims process. We believe that earning the recognition they deserve will help them generate more business. CSI’s Choice Award is intended to motivate the carriers to excel even during the claims process as it is an integral part of the move. Let’s face it, we don’t really expect that there would be no more claims, but what we do expect and hope for is that once there has been one, that it’ll be handled in a professional, courteous, and prompt manner.

The Criteria

*Customer Support – Assist customers with filing their claim

*Communication – Respond to CSI’s investigation questions promptly via emails and phones

*Documentation – Providing complete required documents and in a timely manner

*Payment – Sending settlement payments promptly after claims have been settled

The Selection

The selection of a carrier is an anonymous draw which is performed in CSI’s office by CSI’s management. Each one of CSI’s employees get to vote for their favorite carrier based on the criteria listed above. The vote is conducted annually. Once the winning carrier has been selected the carrier is notified. The winning carrier will be awarded $100.00 as a token of appreciation accompanied by CSI’s Choice Award Certificate. The chosen carrier will also be published in CSI’s January newsletter going out to over 1500 carriers nationwide and on CSI’s websites. The winning carrier will also receive our CSI’s Choice Award logo to display on their site.

Want to be CSI’s Best choice of the year?  Feel free to call us for more details about how you can improve and stand the chance of winning this award and the recognition you deserve!