Dear Valued Carriers,
We hope everyone had a happy Sukkot! Now it is time to get ready for Halloween! Here at CSI we decorated our office with spiderwebs, pumpkins and other spooky characters. Are you ready for Halloween? Be sure to also get ready for the winter! Read below on some safety driving tips for your drivers when driving during the winter. Don’t get too busy with Halloween and Winter that you forget about our services! Let us help you not only with claims but also sales training, customer service calls and also keep you in compliance with all the federal regulations! We make it important to assist you in anyway we are able to. We have one more question for you! Where did the ghosts move to? Find out the answer below!

Lastly, Happy National Cake Decoration Day!
Your CSI Team

Another Year, Another Adventure

“Here’s to another year of success, loyalty and getting it done!” – Unknown
CSI would like to recognize our appreciated Carriers who are celebrating their Anniversary for the month of June with our services.

We would like to honor Nationwide Van Lines for being with CSI since October, 2012 – 2 Years!

Thank you for your dedication to both your CSI Team and to your customers!

* Chico and the Men, Inc. – 10/01/13 – 1 Years
* New Planet Moving and Storage – 10/14/13 – 1 Years
* LV Moving  – 10/30/13 – 1 Years

ICS Corner – Integrated Carrier Services

What did the skeleton say to the customer service agent?
-” I have a bone to pick with you!”

Express a passionate commitment to serving the customer! Customer service starts at the top and it certainly does in the moving industry. We believe that a superior customer service is the key ingredient to success in a competitive global economy regardless of what business we are in.

Don’t hesitate to call us today for more information about ICS! Be sure to ask about our ICS Bundle Package that will not only save you money, but will provide you with the best customer service.

CSI Statistics & Updates

Claims – We currently handle claims received on: 07/24/14 Our total process time is 83 days!

Complaints – The current Monthly Average:

BBB – 7 Complaint(s)
DOT – 3 Complaint(s)
Public – 2 Complaint(s)
Chargeback-15 Chargeback(s)

Settled Claims – In September, CSI successfully settled 323 claims, 147 of which were accompanied by a signed release form.

Fuel Price – The US Average Fuel Price published by the DOE for the Period of: 09/15-10/14 is $3.698

Safety Corner / Industry News – Safety Driving Tips for the Winter Season

Read these tip for when you’re drivers need to drive in winter! It has already started to snow in the North!Safety Driving Tips

Safety Driving Tips for Driving in the Winter

Tip #1 Ice on your windshield means ice on the road. The ice doesn\’t have to be packed up on the roadway to be dangerous- a thin sheet of ice can develop quickly into a thick problem.
Tip #2 Keep an eye on the temperature. Water freezes at 32 degrees. The roadways tend to be slightly warmer than the air temp, but once you\’re down that low in temperature, you need to be wary.
Tip #3 Look for spray coming up from other vehicles. If spray is coming off the tires, it\’s likely that the roads are wet (as opposed to ice covered), but keep in mind that a short stretch of road with ice on it can be just as dangerous as a ice-packed roadway.
Tip #4 Talk to people. Make sure your CB radio is on and talk to the drivers around you. If you are a new driver, try to find a seasoned driver who isn\’t talking a lot of big talk. We\’re all a little nervous out there if we really know what we\’re dealing with. You want to find a seasoned driver with a healthy respect for physics to help talk you through it.
Tip #5 Don\’t follow too close. Traffic tends to bunch up on bad roads–the natural inclination is to follow other drivers. Stay away from four-wheelers. Often they are under the illusion that the roads are safer than they actually are.
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Welcome to the CSI Family

CSI Welcomes the following carriers into our Family:All My Sons Moving & Storage of Southwest Florida – Fort Meyers, FL

CSI’s Active Promotions
Ongoing Promotions:

01/01/15- “CSI Choice Award” – CSI will award the winner $100.00, a winner’s certificate to proudly display and a 6 month publication on CSI’s website visible to all of our carriers and customers nationwide. Read More 

08/15/14 – “Get paid to talk about us” – CSI pays $50.00 for each carrier referred to us that signs up.

We have many promotions and discounts going on daily! Contact us directly to see what we can do for you! 877-274-0074 Ext 310

So, where did the ghosts move to?

Have a Safe and Happy Halloween!