CSI services the valued customers of moving companies nationwide. As such CSI considers both the movers and their customers as its customers. It is our mission to provide quality and courteous customer service as well as vast industry knowledge which will exceed all expectations. Below you will find sample testimonials of customers and carriers describing their experience with CSI:

What customers have to say about us:

October 29, 2014

Hi Jessica,

Just want to mention, you’ve been a pleasure to work. I know things may be a mess with this claim, but you’ve been nothing but professional.
Thank you for your stellar customer service….this is rare these days!!

Annette G., CA

April 30, 2013

…Coincidentally, the program I coordinated was Oral Communication and research indicates that people who enjoy their work are happy employees and it will show. They will also work as hard as they feel they are worth. So, not only does Rachael possess excellent communication skills, my hat goes off to you and any other supervisors because I think you’re doing something right – Rachael likes her job. I’m sure in this economy she’s not becoming rich, but a `thanks for doing that` or an ‘Atta Girl’ goes a long way and doesn’t cost 5 cents or take 5 seconds. Pensions and decent benefits are pretty much a thing of the past, so employee loyalty is hard to find. Rachael seemed sincere in her desire to want to help me, and I sensed she believes in what your organization is doing. I’m a letter writer when it comes to customer service and also write when I’m extremely displeased with the service I receive. However, unlike many people, I also write when I am extremely pleased. I have to say, that this is one of my top 3 when it comes to customer service. Pat yourselves on the back because I think you’re treating people well. If Rachael is just a good person and will work hard no matter how she’s treated, start treating her well. But I think you know what you’re doing. Regardless of how my claim turns out, I wanted you to know this information. Rarely, if ever, do people get treated like I was by Rachael. She’s good – I’m sure you’ll do what you can to keep her. And when able, give her a nice, hefty raise.

Jane W., New Braunfels, TX

July 8, 2011

The business itself Globe never contacted me at all. It was done via a third party — and that third party, CSI, did a good job. The CSI representative, Michelle, was very helpful. I believe our property would still be under the dubious control of “Sam the driver” if she hadn’t intervened in the manner she did. We’ll follow the CSI process for seeking further redress, as per her instruction.

Jim W, Carlsbad, CA

May 10, 2013

Working with CSI, throughout the years has been extremely pleasurable. They are detailed in their customer service and very professional; CSI by far supersedes the industry standards. They bring a higher level of professionalism to our clients, and are an asset to the moving industry.

Sharon L., Best Rate Movers - CA

January 11, 2013

Firstly let me say thank you, the response letter is nothing short of brilliant and I could not have done it any better myself. In the future you should know that I welcome your “unnecessary” questions…

Kevin K. , Binding Price Moving - NY